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Frequently Asked Questions

If we've missed something and there's a question you'd like to ask us, feel free to and we'll do our best to answer it.


What is RateMyArea?

RateMyArea is the new and easy way to find, review, share and discuss all that's good (and not so good!) in your area.

Can I use RateMyArea for free

Yes, the best things in life are always free!

Why use RateMyArea?

... because RateMyArea is the fun and easy way to find out about great places and businesses in your area. On RateMyArea, you'll be able to read reviews written by people who live, work or simply hang-out in your area... but don't forget to rate your favourite places so you too can share your local knowledge and make RateMyArea a better place!

How do I invite my friends?

Running through the streets, screaming at the top of your lungs and waking up your neighbours is one way you can invite your friends to RateMyArea... however, there is an easier way...

... you can spread the word by entering your friends email addresses on the Tell a friend page (you'll find the link at the top of every page when you're logged in).

What areas are covered by RateMyArea?

RateMyArea is available for most major cities in Ireland. We chose Dublin to begin with, but right now, we are proud to cover a total of eight Irish cities and towns. If there is another area you'd really like to see on RateMyArea, vote for it now under the "Select City" menu, or just send us an email to:

Can I get a joinb at RateMyArea?

Here at RateMyArea we're always on the lookout for enthusiastic and motivated people to join our team. So if you think you have what it takes to change the world (... one area at a time!) then send your CV along with a short cover letter to:

Are 'Free Call' and 'Send to Mobile' really FREE?

Yes, the best things in life are always free!

To make life easier for you, you can store your mobile number with us so that you don't have to keep typing it in every time you visit! To do this, simply go to the 'Mobile Number' area on 'My Account' (there's a link at the top of every page when you're logged in), type in your mobile number (following the format +353 87 123 4567) and click 'Save changes'.

Rating and Reviews

What can I review on RateMyArea?

You can rate anything that has a location. Any business, service or place that has a location is 'ripe' for the picking!

Restaurants, shops, bars, golf courses, hairdressers, crèches, parks and museums are just some of the places that can be reviewed. If it's not there just add it!

Who can see me and my reviews?

Your public profile and your reviews can be seen by anyone that looks. We think it's more fun that way but more importantly it helps you find other like-minded reviewers in your area.

Can a business owner contact me after I review their business?

A business can make one public response to a review that you have written. We think that a business should be able to respond to a review of their business but more importantly for them to engage with you, their customer, and to let you know that they're interested and listening to what you have to say.

What usually makes for a great review?

There's no one simple recipe for this... useful funny and cool are just some of the key ingredients. You'll be well on your way to writing a great review if you take the time to share thoughtful insights, personal experiences and even a handy tip or two.

Including some helpful suggestions for your fellow 'raters' can really help to make a review stand-out, such as describing the type of people you think might like the place and why you feel it stands out from the crowd. Sometimes including your own personal experiences of a place can make it easier for other people to understand and relate to what you're saying. Tips are also helpful, like if there's free parking nearby or a few simple directions if the entrance is hard to find.

Before you know it you'll be getting 'high-fived' as kudos for your efforts!

What can I write in my reviews?

That's entirely up to you... we do have a few Do's and Don'ts that we would like you to bear in mind when rating a place but other than that, we would encourage you to include any details in your review that you think might be useful to other 'raters'.

  • ... share your local knowledge;
  • ... be as helpful and as positive as you can be;
  • ... try to be constructive as possible when telling us about your bad experiences – this way the business can learn from it's mistake so that you and your fellow 'raters' have a better experience the next time you drop by;
  • ... be polite – write as if you're telling a good friend (in front of your mother!);
  • ... use common sense in your judgement;
  • ... keep it factual;
  • ... have fun!
  • ... rate when you're in a bad mood!
  • ... go name-calling;
  • ... make something up (... no matter how funny you think it is!);
  • ... threaten anyone;
  • ... use racial or ethnic slurs ('Rate don't hate');
  • ... waffle (... it's quality not quantity!).

Does RateMyArea delete reviews?

Rarely. That said, in some special cases a member of the RateMyArea team may remove a review (this usually only occurs if someone has breached our Terms & Conditions).

What are keywords?

Keywords are words that are used to quickly describe or label a place. Fun, friendly, fabulous!

When rating we would encourage everyone to make use of keywords because they provide an easy way for you and other 'raters' to search for and find your reviews and favourite places in the future. The keywords associated with a place can be found under the 'Reviewers say we're...' section on a place's profile page.

For example, if you wrote a review about a builder named Bob, you could add the tags: builder, reliable, knowledgeable, good value. This means that other 'raters' looking for 'good value' could simply click on your 'good value' keyword and then places tagged with the keyword 'good value' would be displayed.

Can I upload photos of a place with my review?

Yes. The way we look at it is this; if a picture speaks 1,000 words, for every photo you upload you've written roughly 10 reviews (that's 11 including the one you've just written)!

To upload your photos, simply click on the 'add your own photo' link which you'll find on the profile page of every place. Then simply browse to the photo on your computer and click the 'upload' button.

That said, before you upload a photo, you should make sure that the photo you're about to upload is yours (and not copyright protected) but more importantly that it's not a holiday snap you'd hide from your mother!

To find out more about what is acceptable on RateMyArea, read our Terms & Conditions.

What should I do if I read something offensive?

If you believe that content posted in a review or anywhere else on RateMyArea is offensive or is in any other way objectionable, please notify us through our red flag 'report a problem or abuse' mechanism (located at the bottom of each page), specifying what you believe to be offensive and why.

To find out more about what is acceptable on RateMyArea, read our Terms & Conditions.

... remember 'Rate don't hate'!


What is people?

People is a place on RateMyArea where you can search for anyone you think might be a member of the RateMyArea community. This could include family, friends, neighbours or anyone else you might know.

The great thing about searching for people and friends on RateMyArea is that you can find people based on their location as well as their name - so if you're looking for new friends in an area or simply want to see what people in a certain area have been saying, you can do a search for them here.

Don't worry if you can't find someone you're looking for, you can always drop them a personal invite so they can find you!

How do I add someone as a friend?

To add someone as a friend, go to their personal profile page and click on the 'Add as a Friend' button at the top of the green info area.

If you want to search for other people to add to your friends list, you can do so by using the people search page.

Can I see who has added me as a friend?

Yes, when someone adds you as a friend you are sent a notification email to tell you that this has just happened. The email will also have a link to the profile page of the person that has just added you as a friend, giving you the opportunity to add them to your friends list too (ahhhhhhh!).

How can I find other Raters in my area?

By simply typing the name of your area into the search box on the people search page, you'll be able to find all the 'movers and shakers' in your area. Of course you don't always need to add them as a friend. That said, it's a great way to find out where other locals go and why!

Do I have to know someone to add them to my friends list?

Not at all, usually people end up as friends on RateMyArea simply because they like the same things and want to keep track of what the other is up to. In RateMyArea speak, this means that one 'rater' digs how another 'rater' puts key-to-screen (or pen-to-paper in case you're taking notes!).

Someone I don't know added me as their friend... is this kosher?

Yes, it happens all the time; they're probably just a big fan of your reviews and want to make it as easy as possible to find you again.

Remember, there's no obligation for you to add them as your friend (unless you want to of course!). That said, adding people to your friends list is a great way to keep track of other like-minded 'raters' (as you receive notifications whenever any of your friends review or recommend a place). Just as you might follow someone's blog, you can follow other 'raters' on RateMyArea by adding them to 'Your Friends' list and vice versa.

Someone added me as a friend but they are missing from my friends list... is this normal?

Yes, this just means that you haven't added that person as a friend yet.

Basically the way it works is that someone can add you as a friend without you reciprocating the gesture or in other words it's possible for you to be on someone else's friends list without them being on yours.

Turns out 'raters' can have groupies too!

Daily Deals

What are 'Daily Deals' on RateMyArea?

It does exactly what it says on the tin… Daily Deals gives you the opportunity to bag a great deal (every day!) from a featured local business. We do all the hard work cutting the Deals with some of the most popular businesses in town, and then pass the savings on to you. If enough people buy the Deal, then the Deal is on. Woohoo!

How many deals are there a day?

For now, we are featuring one Deal per day. This way, we can make sure that it's the best dang deal in town!

How long does a Deal last?

Each deal will only last for a day (…that's 24 of your earth hours!) - there's a countdown clock so you know how long you've got left… and help make sure you don't let it get away!

Can I still buy a Deal even though it's not the current Deal?

We’re afraid not… but feel free to take a peek at our recent deals and you can tell us if you’d like to see a particular deal (or deals!) again.

Send your wish list to and we’ll see what we can do!

If I buy the Deal, will I definitely get it?

We hope so! If enough like-minded people buy the Deal, then the Deal will be on - it's all about group-buying power, the more the merrier! We need a large enough group of people to buy the deal in order to activate the Deal. This might not always happen, but we’ll let you know as soon as possible if the Deal is on or not.

The Deal is on, I got the Deal! Now what do I do?

Now just sit tight… your voucher will be delivered within 24 hours of the deal ending. Each Deal has different Terms & Conditions printed on it that describe how you can redeem your voucher; most of the time all you need to do is print out the Deal Voucher that we've emailed you, put it in your pocket (front or back!) and bring it to the business to redeem. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

The Deal is on but I didn't get my voucher. What's going on?

You should receive your voucher within 24 hours of the deal ending.

If more than 24 hours have passed and you still haven't received your voucher, sometimes a finicky Spam Filter can stop our mails from getting to your inbox - Spam Filters try their best but aren't perfect. Check your Spam Folder and if you cannot see our mail there, drop an email to with the details of your purchase and we will do our best to help you.

How long is my Deal Voucher valid for?

Each Deal has different conditions attached to it and each business decides how long the Deal Vouchers will be valid for. Each Deal and Deal Voucher will have prominently labelled Terms & Conditions (the fine print!) with a clearly stated expiration date.

I own a business and I’d like to run a Daily Deal on RateMyArea Deals?

If you'd like to see your deal featured on RateMyArea Deals, send your proposal to and we'll be in touch - we've got to warn you though… we're a bit picky when it comes deals!

I've bought a deal, but now I've changed my mind?

That's okay, we all go through a crisis of conscience every once in awhile - we won't hold it against you! If you change your mind (within 7 days of purchase) and decide you don't want to go ahead with a deal, you can contact us by email at and we will refund your purchase - no (frequently asked) questions asked! If the deal has already been redeemed or if it's more than 7 days since you purchased the deal, we cannot cancel your purchase.

What happens if the business offering the deal goes out of business?

Sometimes bad things happen - c'est la vie! However, if we're all really unlucky and a business does closedown, we will simply refund your voucher if it has not yet been redeemed - drop a mail to and we’ll soon sort you out.

Your Profile

How do I change or update the information on my public profile page?

When you log into RateMyArea go to 'My Account' (you'll find a link to 'My Account' at the top of every page when you're logged in), once there, you can add and change all of your personal account details.

What is status?

In order to make RateMyArea even more fun to use, we've created a system of rewards that reflect both the quantity and quality of your contributions to the site. As with any rewards system, the more positive feedback you get from your peers, the higher the status you will achieve.

What can I do to bump-up my status?

We can't just tell you what you have to do... where's the fun in that!?

What we can say though is that the more reviews you write and the more people that slap you some 'High-Fives' to show that they thought your review was funny, useful and cool... the greater your status in the community will be.

What are awards?

We believe in rewarding 'raters' for doing something special or for going that extra mile when rating... awards aren't easy to achieve but they're the RateMyArea way of giving fellow 'raters' the recognition and kudos they deserve. Award winners tend to be the most active and influential members, both on and off RateMyArea, it's not surprising then that other 'raters' tend to trust our award winners more!

'Raters' can earn the following award badges:

  • Insider

    Insiders are always out and about, they give a regular low-down on what's hot (and what's not!) in their area!

  • The_chosen_one
    Chosen One

    Once you've had your review selected and featured on the RateMyArea homepage, you truly are the 'Chosen One'!

  • Numero_uno
    Numero Uno

    It's always nice to be first and feel that special glow you get from being ahead of the pack. You get the same sense of satisfaction on RateMyArea when you're the first person to rate a place. Do it enough times and everyone will know you're Numero Uno!

  • Guru

    Generally, 'Guru' is a term denoting a teacher or guide in the religious or spiritual sense. In RateMyArea speak, a Guru is an area expert, a 'rater' who along with only a select few know their area better than most!

  • Local_hero
    Local Hero

    Just like Robin Hood, Local Heroes are legends in their area. While in most cases they don't have a band of merry men, the number of 'high-fives' they get from other 'raters' would suggest otherwise!

  • Place_maker
    Place Maker

    These 'raters' are the RateMyArea equivalent of 'Captain Kirk'... “Boldly going where no 'rater' has gone before”... and of course adding the places they discover to RateMyArea as soon as they get back!

Now you know what you need to do if you want some BLING! for your profile page.

My Account

How do I activate my RateMyArea account?

Once you've signed up, you will be sent an email with a very long link in it (this is your confirmation code). Follow this link and your account will be activated. You will then be brought to a page on RateMyArea where you will be invited to complete your profile, write your first review and do lots of other fun stuff!

Can I change my account information?

Yes. When you log into RateMyArea go to 'My Account' (you'll find a link to 'My Account' at the top of every page when you're logged in), once there, you can add and change all of your personal account details.

Can I change my email address?

Yes. To do this, simply go to the 'Email Notifications' area on 'My Account' (you'll find a link to 'My Account' at the top of every page when you're logged in), type in your new address and click 'Save changes'.

Once you've changed your email address you'll have to verify this change by clicking on a very long link in the activation email that we will send to your old email address (original address). From then on, you'll need to use your new email address as your username each time you log into RateMyArea.

Can I open multiple accounts on RateMyArea?

No. We think this might be a little confusing... even if you are Clark Kent!

My Dashboard

What is 'My Dashboard'?

'My Dashboard' is your RateMyArea control panel. From here, you can control everything RateMyArea, for example, you can keep up-to-date with notifications, read back over your previous reviews and keep track of your friends and favourite places.

If you're a business owner you can manage and edit your business listings from here too.

You'll find a link to 'My Dashboard' at the top of every page when you're logged in.

What are notifications?

Notifications are a great way to keep up-to-date with what your friends and others are up to on RateMyArea. For example, you get notifications when somebody adds you as a friend or when a new review is added by a friend.

As well as being able to check out your recent notifications on 'My Dashboard', you'll be kept in the loop by email too. If, for some (strange!) reason, you'd rather not get these emails you can always switch them on/off by visiting the 'email notifications' page on 'My Account'.

What are Your Friends, Favourite Places & Special Offers?

Think bookmarks! These lists mean you're never more than a click away from who and what you like... as well as being displayed on 'My Dashboard', these lists are also shown on your Public Profile which means they're a great way to check out what other 'raters' like, so you can follow reviews written by like-minded people in your area.


What does RateMyArea do with my personal info?

Here at RateMyArea we take your privacy very seriously. We only display a limited and very controlled amount of personal information so that other users of the website are able to evaluate or relate to a particular review or reviewer (e.g. username, photo, area, public profile, website history profile). You can read all about it in our Privacy Policy statement.

Can other people see where I live?

No. We only let people know what area you are from, not where you live. We only use this information so that we can calculate more accurate and useful information for you (like distances, driving directions, etc.);

Who can see my full name?

You control whether people get to see your full name. You can turn this feature on/off in 'My Account' just below where you enter your name. You'll find a link to 'My Account' at the top of every page when you're logged in.

Business Members

What does RateMyArea mean for business owners?

RateMyArea is the new and easy way for people to find, review, discuss and most importantly recommend your business to their friends.

RateMyArea brings one of the most powerful marketing tools for a local business to the web... 'word of mouth' (or 'word of mouse' as we like to call it!).

In a nutshell, RateMyArea is 'word of mouth' amplified!

What are the benefits of being a Business Member on RateMyArea?

As a Business Member with RateMyArea you can...

  • ... add full details of your business (e.g. a link to your website, opening hours, local parking information, etc.);
  • ... post special offers;
  • ... respond directly to reviews (customer relationship management made easy!);
  • ... provide unlimited free calls to your business for customers (delivering hot sales leads fast!);
  • ... promote your business by making it easier for customers to recommend and spread-the-word to their friends (with free and unlimited text messaging of your businesses details to mobiles);
  • ... upload photos of your business (a business member's photos are always shown first);
  • ... communicate your message to the community (business member's can customise and write longer descriptions for their business);
  • ... partner with other local businesses through our business buddy scheme;

Giving you the control to create a really unique presence for your business on the web!

Will RateMyArea help my business get noticed?

Absolutely! As a business member on RateMyArea, your business will stand out from the crowd whenever someone searches for your type of business, helping your business to connect with new customers as well as the key influencers within the community.

This is because 'raters' know that, unlike free listings, Business Member pages have lots more useful information (like opening hours, website link, parking information, etc.) and may even have special offers posted - 'raters' love special offers! So when a 'rater' performs a search and sees the 'Business Member' badge beside your business, they'll want to click on it!

In addition to this, all business members' pages on RateMyArea are optimized for top placement in Google™, Yahoo!™ and MSN™ search results... so it's not just 'raters' who will find you!

So join as a business member today and put your business on the map (literally!).

My business doesn't have a website, do I need one?

No. RateMyArea is the easy and inexpensive way to create a web presence for your business so you don't need a website of your own!

Unlike normal websites, Business Member pages on RateMyArea have been designed so that they're simple to use and update, so you don't need to wait for someone else to do it for you.

If you've already invested in a website, don't worry, every business member can display a link to their own website on their business profile page. With our unique and ever growing local community coupled with top placement in all the well known search engines, RateMyArea will help drive traffic to your website, maximising return on your investment.

At RateMyArea, we believe every business, big or small, should have a web presence...

Can I add my own business for free?

Yes. First off, you need to join RateMyArea (as a normal user); you can do this now by clicking here.

Once that's done, you can add your business for free by clicking here.

How do I become a business member on RateMyArea?

First off, you need to join RateMyArea (as a normal user); you can do this now by clicking here.

Once that's done, you can then start promoting your business by becoming a RateMyArea Business Member. You can do this by adding your business here.

Why do I need to have a normal RateMyArea user account before I can become a Business Member?

In the real world, local business owners play an active part in their community while running their business - it's not unheard of for a trip to the pharmacy to result in a prescription filled and a good dose of local news!

We believe the same should be true on RateMyArea and that's why we ask you to sign-up as a RateMyArea user first. This means that not only can you talk about your business; you can share your local knowledge too! So sign-up here now.

How much does it cost to become a Business Member on RateMyArea?

The cost of growing your business with RateMyArea is only €24.99 per month (excl. VAT).

My business is listed but some of its details are wrong?

While we have taken every care to ensure the details of places added by 'raters' are accurate and up-to-date, occasionally even 'raters' make mistakes and may have mistakenly entered some incorrect information.

If this is the case and you would like to amend this information, you can do so by either reporting the mistake to us (include all the relevant info we'll need to make it better), or you can sign-up as a Business Member and take full control of your listing. This way you can ensure this won't happen again.

My Business is already listed, how do I claim it?

You firstly need to join RateMyArea (as a normal user); you can do this now by clicking here.

Once that's done and you've logged in successfully, the easiest way to claim your business is to navigate your way to its current profile page and click on the 'Claim this Place' button found in the green toolbar below the map. You can do this by typing your business's name in the 'What?' search box together with the corresponding area in the 'Where?' box. If your business is already listed on RateMyArea it will be displayed in the results.

How do I manage and update my Business Member details?

Log in and navigate to 'My Dashboard' (you'll find a link to 'My Dashboard' at the top of every page when you're logged in).

'My Dashboard' is your RateMyArea control panel. From here, you can control everything RateMyArea, for example, you can keep up-to-date with notifications, manage and edit your business listings and update your payment details.

You can also do other 'non-business-y' stuff like read back over your previous reviews and keep track of your friends and favourite places.

Can I network with other local businesses and/or recommend nearby places?

Yes. We like to call this our 'Business Buddy' scheme or more formally our 'business 2 business network'

We have made it really easy for Business Members to build-up a social network with other local businesses that they feel complement their business and equally with nearby places that may simply be of interest to their customers.

An example of the above would be a local restaurant that offers a pre-theatre menu and who would like to recommend a nearby theatre to complement their special menu offering (and vice versa). Or in the case of a busines wanting to recommend a nearby place, a local lunchtime sandwich shop might like to recommend a nearby park to their customers so they can go have a picnic rather than lunch at their desk!

To recommend another business or a nearby place, simply log in and browse to it's profile page (you can search for it here). Once there, you'll see on the left-hand side of the page (in the white margin where the business info is displayed) an exclusive Business Member's only link which enables you to easily recommend that business or place to your customers. Once that's done, the recommended place will appear on your business's profile page for all to see (as 'We Recommend...'). (This special link will appear on all business profile pages (incl. service's and place's pages) unless you have already recommended them).

All this results in a greater opportunity to be seen for your business - the more recommendations your business gets from other business members, the more opportunities your business will have to be seen; so go network!

My business has received reviews. What should I do?

It's important to bear in mind that not every review your business receives on RateMyArea will necessarily be positive nor will you always agree with everything that's said in a review.

Positive reviews are great and we've all experienced the thrill you get from reading a favourable review about your own business. That said, negative reviews can sometimes be really hard to swallow, no one likes criticism (us included!). From time to time, RateMyArea itself receives poor reviews. We don't like it when this happens but most of the time we find that negative reviews are usually the most useful as they tell us how we can make things even better. When dealing with negative reviews the trick is to turn something that is potentially destructive into something useful and constructive.

Here are a few useful Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind when handling negative feedback:

Don't worry too much about the affect of a negative review on your business. No one's perfect and even the top businesses get negative reviews from time to time. 'Raters' are savvy creatures and know there's no such thing as the perfect businesses; in fact, they say a little bit of bad with the good often gives greater credibility to the overall feel of your business's reviews. In saying that, if you do receive a string of negative reviews, it's probably time to step-back, take note and then decide if there's any way you could improve your business.

Don't snap at 'raters' who've written something negative about your business. Even though this can be a natural reaction, it can often backfire and the upshot could be the spread of even more unfavourable feedback. Not the result you want.

Do respond to reviews. Become a business member and reply to reviews using the official business response tool. A good way to begin your response might be with a simple thank you to the 'rater' for their feedback (but don't feel you have to thank everyone!). If the review was less than positive, be sure to put yourself in their shoes in order to avoid appearing too defensive!

Do take on board the feedback you get from reading your customers reviews, even if it doesn't always make for easy reading. Just remember that each review is only one person's opinion and it's all the reviews, taken together, that paints the bigger picture for our readers.

Can I offer rewards to customers who've reviewed my business?

As a business this is up to you, however why reward one person when you can reward the masses! Instead, we would encourage business owners to tell their customers (through a Business Member response) about special offers they've posted on their RateMyArea profile page. 'Raters' love special offers!

Can I review my own business?

No. RateMyArea provides a great set of marketing and promotional tools for both free and Business Member pages so you don’t have to resort to reviewing your own business. ‘Raters’ are quick to see through this and it usually does more bad than good!

Can I review a friend's or family member's business?

Yes but don't do so anonymously. We'd encourage you to disclose your connection to the business in your review so that your fellow 'raters' are aware of your relationship with the business. This is because RateMyArea is based on openness and trust, plus we think you'd like to know a detail like this too!

Can I respond to a review of my business?

Yes, a Business Member can make one public response to a review that has been written about their business.

We believe that as a Business Owner you should be able to respond to a review of your business as it is important that you engage with your customers and let them know that you're interested and listening to what they have to say.

Plus it's also a great way to tell your customers that your business has just got a whole load better!

What is 'Free Call' and is it really 'Free'?

Yes, the best things in life are always free!

'Free Call' is the RateMyArea way of delivering hot sales leads to your business quickly and effectively. As a Business Member, 'Free Call' is guaranteed and unlimited for your business; this service is not available in the case of a 'Free Listing'.

When one of our Raters clicks on your business's 'Free Call' button, we make two phone calls; one to the customer and one to your business. We then simply connect the two calls together and the rest is up to you!

How do I post a special offer for my business?

In order to post a 'special offer' for your business, you must first be a Business Member of RateMyArea. You can learn more about Business Membership on RateMyArea by clicking here.

To post a 'special offer' as a Business Member, you must go to 'My Dashboard' (you'll find a link to 'My Dashboard' at the top of every page when you're logged in). Once on 'My Dashboard', click on the 'Edit Special Offers' link beside your business to post a special offer.

Can I post more than one special offer at a time?

Again, this is something for you, the business owner, to decide on. We don't have a 'no more than one special offer at a time' policy and we know for a fact that our 'raters' don't have one either!

Can I upload photos of my business?

Yes. A photo speaks a thousand words (or approximately 10 reviews!) and when you upload them to your business's profile on RateMyArea they can enhance your profile by giving prospective customers an impression of the sort of business you are and the type of atmosphere they can expect.

As a Business Member on RateMyArea, your photos will always get priority over other 'raters' photos of your business and will always be displayed first.


Discover local offers with RateMyArea Deals

Each day, RateMyArea offers something fun to do at unbeatable prices - discounts of up to 70% off at local restaurants, spas, gyms, shops, bars, events & theatres to name but a few!

Discover places that your friends love